PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur Demonstrates Concern for the Nation’s Children

Jakarta, July 8, 2023 – PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur, a company unwavering in its commitment to social responsibility, continues to conduct a monthly CSR program with the recurring theme, “Caring for the Nation’s Children.” This program is dedicated to providing assistance to children in need, particularly those at Sekolah Pondok Domba. To support these children in their educational journey and meet their essential requirements, PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur has generously contributed stationery, coloring sets, lunch boxes, and drinking bottles.

Through the “Caring for the Nation’s Children” initiative, PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur strives to make a positive impact on society, especially on the children of Sekolah Pondok Domba. The provision of stationery and coloring sets is intended to bolster their creativity, while the lunch boxes and drinking bottles aim to promote their overall health and nutrition. PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur is deeply committed to ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to thrive and develop, and we are honored to participate in this endeavor.

Pondok Domba School deeply appreciates the ongoing dedication of PT. Homeco Victoria Makmur to the “Caring for the Nation’s Children” program. This support will undoubtedly enhance the quality of life for these children. We hope that this “Care for the Nation’s Children” initiative can serve as an inspiration for other companies to engage in social activities that benefit society and contribute to a better Indonesia for our nation’s children.