Homeco Living Successfully Sponsors Hogwart Healthy Competition 2023 For H2C Softball Club

Homeco Living Successfully Sponsors Hogwart Healthy Competition 2023 For H2C Softball Club

[Jakarta, December 15, 2023] – Hogwart Healthy Competition 2023, a softball tournament held at Senayan Softball Field 2 on Sunday, December 10, was a great success with the sponsorship support from Homeco Living for the H2C Softball Club.

This friendly event, featuring four teams of 13 players each, embraced the enchanting theme of Hogwart. Teams named Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor competed with high spirits in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Homeco Living, as the main sponsor, contributed significantly to the success of the event by providing financial support and equipment. Tenny Surjotedjo, Marketing Director at Homeco Living, expressed joy about the success of the Hogwart Healthy Competition, stating, “We are proud to be a part of an event that promotes camaraderie and a healthy lifestyle. This is a valuable moment to build strong relationships within the softball community.”

The Jakarta softball community responded positively to the Hogwart Healthy Competition, appreciating the tournament’s concept that not only fuels competition but also nurtures values of camaraderie. Players and spectators alike enjoyed intense matches, entertainment, and a positive atmosphere throughout the event.

The winners of the Hogwart Healthy Competition 2023 were the Ravenclaw team, securing the championship title. They not only received prestigious prizes but also earned recognition for their spirit of sportsmanship and team cohesion.

Hogwart Healthy Competition 2023 not only provided a stage for softball athletes but also demonstrated that collaboration between communities and companies like Homeco Living can create memorable events and support the development of sports at the local level.