Homeco Living Celebrates Nutrition Day with CSR Program in Collaboration with Sekolah Anak Jalanan Pondok Domba

Jakarta, January 26, 2024 – In celebration of Nutrition and Food Day, Homeco Living conducted a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in collaboration with the Sekolah Anak Jalanan, bringing forth various educational and enjoyable activities. On this occasion, Homeco Living visited one of the branches of the Sekolah Anak Jalananl known as Sekolah Pondok Domba, located in Kapuk Muara, North Jakarta.

At precisely 9 AM, a joyful atmosphere enveloped the air as students and Homeco Living employees gathered at Sekolah Pondok Domba to participate in a diverse range of activities. One of the focal points was the implementation of interactive games that successfully united students with volunteers. Through these games, a cheerful and friendly atmosphere was created, strengthening the bond among the students.

Not only that, a sharing session on health, nutrition, and food information was also organized. Homeco Living provided valuable insights into the importance of a balanced diet and choosing the right food ingredients to maintain bodily health.

Not to be forgotten, the moment of distributing goodie bags was the most anticipated highlight. Each student received a package containing school supplies, water bottles, lunch boxes, vitamins, and milk to support their daily nutritional intake.

“We hope that through these goodie bags, children will be more motivated to maintain their health and adopt a healthy eating pattern,” said one of the volunteers from Homeco Living.

The Head of Sekolah Pondok Domba, Anggiat, appreciates the support provided by Homeco Living. “This is the second activity that Homeco Living has carried out with the Sekolah Anak Jalanan, and we are thankful for Homeco Living’s steadfast initiative in contributing to the well-being of street children. May this spirit of kindness continue to burn brightly and provide sustainable benefits not only for us but also for other schools in need.”

Homeco Living’s CSR program is not just an activity but a tangible step towards creating positive change within the community. Homeco Living is committed to continuously supporting programs aimed at improving the quality of life and well-being of Indonesian children. Not only for Street Children Schools, but Homeco Living plans to extend this kindness to other places in need.”