World Blood Donor Day 2024: PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk and Its Subsidiary, PT Trisinar Indopratama, Express Their Care by Donating Blood

PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk with one of its subsidiaries, PT Trisinar Indopratama, conducted blood donation activities in commemoration of World Blood Donor Day which is celebrated on June 14 every year. Located in the Technoplast Factory area in Tangerang, this activity was held on Thursday, June 13, 2024, starting from 09.00am, followed by all employees. This blood donation activity was organized in collaboration with UDD PMI Tangerang.

Under the theme “Give Blood, Helps People” the Company hopes that this activity will enhance and embody the employees sense of care and solidarity for others voluntarily. This activity aims that every blood bag collected will support the supply of blood stock at the local PMI and can be beneficial for those who need it. In addition, through this activity, the Company also strives to promote a healthy lifestyle for all employees so they can participate regularly in blood donation activities and improve their health to support their daily activities.

Corporate HC & GA Manager, Marwati said, “We are very happy and appreciate the enthusiasm of our employees to participate in this blood donation activity. We hope that through this activity, we can make a real contribution to the community and bring a positive impact to the community.”

This blood donation activity was organized with the support of UDD PMI Tangerang, who provided friendly service officers and professional medical personnel to ensure the blood donation process runs safely and smoothly. Each blood donor participant registered first through the Sidoni application, followed by a personal data check, as well as a readiness and health check before the blood donation process. Every donor is ensured to be in good health condition when donating blood. 

Marwati also said, “This collaboration means a lot to us. We strive to continue to create activities that can improve the health and well-being of the wider community and our employees. Therefore, we realize the importance of this collaboration to continuously bring good and sustainable impacts.”

This blood donation activity is one of the Company’s actions in its commitment to give back to the community. PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk, continues to be committed to sustain a variety of programs and initiatives in line with its focus on society, the environment and community development. The Company hopes that its presence can bring a positive and sustainable impact to the community.