PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk, also known as Homeco Living, established in 2012, is a market leader in Indonesia selling various product categories.​

PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk, also known as Homeco Living, was established in 2012 and is a market leader in Indonesia, selling a diverse range of product categories. Our main business activities are marketing and developing brands for household appliances and equipment, stationery and drawing tools, children’s games and toys, as well as textiles, ensuring that the products offered meet the best quality products.

Since February 2023, PT Homeco Victoria Makmur Tbk has officially been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange under the issuer code #LIVE, marking a new chapter in our journey. This is not only an important achievement for us but also a testament to the trust and support of our investors and customers. This step reinforces our commitment to continue providing high-quality and innovative products while expanding our reach in both domestic and international markets.

As a holding company, we also manage one subsidiary – PT Trisinar Indopratama (“TSI”), which is a company engaged in the plastic goods industry for packaging, children’s toys, other plastic goods, equipment, and household appliances made from plastic under the brand name “Technoplast”. TSI itself has 24 years of business experience in producing high-quality products.

High Quality and Reliable Products

Homeco Living is committed to delivering the right products through the right distribution channels, handling products from leading brands in their class to ensure that our customers have access to quality and reliable goods. With our presence in over 40,000 points of sale across cities in Indonesia, our products are easily accessible to customers, reflecting our company’s vision to enhance daily activities by creating a better living experience through attention to detail.

Suiting Our Customer Needs

At Homeco Living, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and high-quality products. We continuously update our product range to stay in line with the latest trends and customer needs, with a strong focus on quality and trust. Located in West Jakarta, Indonesia, we are committed to expanding our distribution network so that every Indonesian family can enjoy the comfort and happiness brought by our products.

Company Values


To Make People Happy, To Keep People Healthy


  1. To build 5 leading brands by 2030
  2. To serve 50 millions consumer/year by 2030
  3. To create new innovative channels closer to consumers
  4. To improve human resource quality
  5. To work efficiency utilizing digital technology